As a young and vibrant city and a rapidly-growing economic and social centre in Northwestern Alberta, Grande Prairie faces its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. The task of understanding and responding to the social context of these is the responsibility of Community Social Development, under the guidance of Grande Prairie City Council and in cooperation with our community partners.

In 2010, the City of Grande Prairie developed a Municipal Sustainability Plan. To support and expand on this document, Community Social Development commissioned the Social Sustainability Framework1 in 2011, which articulated a vision, long-range goals, and strategic direction for the social well-being.

The Framework is designed to act as the guiding policy document for Grande Prairie City Council, and for Community Social Development as a department responsible for addressing social inclusion and enhancing the quality of life of Grande Prairie’s citizens. It is designed to help align investment priorities with community values and evidence-based best practice and reflects the needs and aspirations of the people who live in Grande Prairie. The Framework is a document which will evolve as our community changes. The 2018 update of the Social Sustainability Framework is the guide for the 2019 – 22 planning cycle.