Municipal Fee Rebate

The Municipal Fee Rebate is for new residential construction, reconstruction, or infill projects to stimulate local employment.  

Infill refers to the development of vacant or under-utilized parcels within existing commercial, industrial, or residential areas already served by utilities infrastructure, and that have a total developable land inventory comprising less than 10% of the existing base.  

Program Funding 

A grant equal to 100 % of the City imposed portions of all Inspection Services Permit Fees, Engineering Services Fees and Planning & Development Fees to a maximum of $10,000. 

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Fees may be rebated 100% for an approved application and 50% for applications not approved. 

Amounts remitted to other levels of government, charged as a result of a penalty or relating to construction not approved under this Policy remain payable. 


Any questions or inquiries can be made to the Program Coordinator at or 780-513-5240.