The ash plant bug (Tropidosteptes amoenus) belongs to a group of insects called “True Bugs” which are characterized by lacking hard wing covers like those found on beetles.

Their wings fold across their backs often appearing like an X. They can be found on the bottom side of green ash leaves in June.

Plants Affected


  • Leaves turn yellow and are mottled as the bugs feed on leaf juices.
  • Heavy feeding can kill leaves.


Cultural or Non-chemical Controls:

  • Well-watered trees tend to have fewer ash plant bugs and can withstand more feeding without dropping leaves.
  • In June wash ash plant bugs off the tree using a forceful jet of water. By late July this method will be ineffective as the adult bugs have wings and will return to the trees.

Chemical Controls:

  • An application of insecticidal soap may be warranted on severely affected trees.


Close up of Bugs and Damage
Ash Plant Bug Damage
Damaged Leaf with Ash Plant Bugs Present
Damaged leaves from infestation