Dragonflies are often found near marshy areas because their larval stage, called a nymph, is aquatic. Some species remain in their larval stage for up to five years; the winged stage is used for reproduction and only lasts a few weeks. Dragonflies and damselflies are fast and efficient insect predators but do not bite or sting humans. Dragonflies are among the fastest insects in the world, flying up to 55 km/h! They are very important mosquito predators in the Grande Prairie area, feeding on both the larvae and adults of these annoying pests.

You can tell dragonflies and damselflies apart by how they perch. Dragonflies hold their wings apart (below left) and perpendicular with their bodies, while damselflies tuck their wings together along their back (below right).

Dragonfly on a shoe
Damselfly 02
Close up of a Dragonfly