There are three elm bark beetle species of concern. Native elm bark beetle (Hylurgopinus rufipes) adults are 2-3.5mm long, dark brown or black, and have a thin covering of short yellow hairs. Smaller European elm bark beetle (Scolytus multistriatus) adults are 2-3mm long, with a black head and reddish-brown wing covers. Banded elm bark beetle (Scolytus schevyrewi) adults are 3-4mm long and have a black band running across their wing covers.

Plants Affected


Elm bark beetles were found in Grande Prairie for the first time in 2017. However, none of them were carrying Dutch elm disease. If you see bore holes in an elm tree on private or public lands, please report it immediately.


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Banded Elm Bark Beetle
Elm Bark Beetles and the damage they cause
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