Neighbourhood Based Off-Leash Area

These are designated areas in a corridor / under-utilised green space that a resident can take their dog for a walk (from their home) on leash, enter the designated / signed walking corridor and allow their pet to be off leash. Residents are then able to leash up their pet and continue on their walk. These areas have litter receptacles and dog waste bag dispensers available for public use.

Overall Map of New Off-Leash Dog Areas 

Detailed Map of New Off-Leash Dog Areas

South Bear Creek Dog Park

The City of Grande Prairie currently has one fully fenced dog park, located in South Bear Creek Park. This facility allows residents to transport their dog by vehicle or on-leash to the park, then allow them free rein within the fenced area. Benches, dog waste bag dispensers and trash receptacles are provided.

108 St. & 117 Ave.
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Crystal Ridge Off Leash Park
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South Bear Creek Off Leash Dog Park
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