Recreation and sports are key components to ensure residents and communities are active and healthy.

The City is committed to offering a variety of programs that contribute to the healthy, holistic development of children and youth, and maintaining these opportunities for adults and families. 

What is Sport Development?

Sport development works to bring together sport, education, recreation and health to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Grande Prairie.

Sport development works with all of the above areas to bring initiatives to the City of Grande Prairie that will better our sports & recreation programs and events.

Alberta Sport Action Plan

The 2019-2029 Alberta Sport Action Plan is now available via the Alberta Sport Connection Resources Page.

Programs & Initiatives  

Sport Development works with a number of community groups to make a movement with initiatives, some of the community groups include

  • Sport in Grande Prairie
  • Canadian Sport for Life

Sport Development works with these groups to bring initiatives & events to our community to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Grande Prairie incorporate in our Infant & Preschool, Children, Youth and Adult programs.

The Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection is a partner with the City of Grande Prairie offering networking, advocacy, education, and support for regional sport organizations.