Community Group Funding

The City will provide financial support to various community groups or agencies who provide programs and services that benefit the City of Grande Prairie and its residents. This is a partnership between the City and the groups or agencies for our community.

The funding will be based on approved budget resources. In determining the allocation to various community groups or agencies, administration will make recommendations based upon community need and the ability of community groups or agencies to respond to that need. It is expected that community groups or agencies will meet established criteria, provide supporting documentation, and show outcomes and results of the funding. In some cases, Provincial criteria must also be met.

  1. Event sponsorship will be considered separately from community groups or agencies grants, according to Policy 112 (Corporate Sponsorship).
  2. Community Group Funding Policy 315.

Criteria and Guidelines:

Community Grants (Operating & Capital):

  1. The City may provide operational funding for programs or projects which enhances the community.
  2. Applications must be based on community needs.
  3. Agencies must provide a business case for the funding, including indication of financial need (including financial statements).
  4. Grants will be provided on a two (2) year budget cycle.
  5. Applications will be received by no later than July 15th, for funding for the following two (2) budget years, maximum.
  6. Administration will review the applications, based on the agency’s ability to meet established criteria, priority outcomes, and will consider past performance.
  7. Administration will make recommendations to Senior Management Team (Corporate Leadership Team (CLT)), as to the funding allocation.
  8. Administration, from liaison departments, will notify the applicant on the status and outcome of the application.
  9. CLT will then recommend to Council Committee of the Whole, who may refer the funding recommendations to the next budget deliberations.
  10. Applicants may appeal the funding allocation to Council Committee of the Whole budget deliberations.
  11. The agency will report annually to administration the outcomes of the program, including a financial account of the funds expended.

Community Group Funding Applications 

Applications are not being received at this time.

Application Deadline

Grant applications will be open in June 2020 for funding years of 2021 and 2022.  The application deadline is July 15th, 2020.


Email completed applications with supporting documentation to: