Winter tire in snow

2019/2020 Snow Plow Information

City of GP Snow Fleet:

  • 6 Tandem salt/sand trucks with front plow
  • 1 single axle plow truck with front plow
  • 1 1-ton sander with front plow
  • 1 tandem plow truck with front/wing plow
  • 6 tandem trucks (city owned)
  • 6 end dump trucks (contracted)
  • 1 snow blower for windrow pick-up (plus 1 back-up unit)
  • 6 graders
  • 5 front end loaders with angle blade plow
  • 1 front end loader with bucket for use in salt and sand yards
  • 2 rubber tired backhoes
  • 1 municipal tractor
  • 1 skid steer
  • 1 tool-cat

Material Storage:

  • Sand and salt is stored at the City Service Centre.
  • Snow is disposed of at the City snow dump site on Park Road. This dump is for City use only.

2018/2019 Winter Season Statistics:

  • 134.8 cm of snow fell from September 2018 to March 2019, compared to 167.5 cm ten-year average.
  • 17,942 loads of snow hauled to City Snow Dump, .
  • 3 rotations of residential snow plowing, compared to 5 rotations in 2017/18 and 1 rotation in 2016/17.

Ice Control:

What ice control material do you use on the road?

We use a salt/sand mixture on our roads.

Why don’t you use salt only?

Salt is only effective when temperatures are above -15C. Once temperatures lower, salt will sit on icy road surfaces and get blown to the sides of the roads.

How often are intersections sanded?

Ice control is applied to intersections on a continuous basis on all priority 1, 2, and 3 roads between October 15 to April 15 if deemed necessary by the Transportation Manager.

Do you apply ice control in Residential Areas?

Residential areas, along with parking lots, sidewalks and pathways, will receive ice control on an as-needed basis. Typically residential areas are not sanded solid but are treated for trouble spots. Salt/sand mixture may be applied to intersections, corners or downgrades in residential areas. You may report icy sections in your area by visiting

Sidewalks and Trails:

Transportation Services plows commuter trails in the City by priority. Sidewalks adjacent to City owned property,such as public utility lots, easements and parks will be cleared of snow during the Residential Snow Plowing operation.Pathways within public utility lots and parks will not be plowed unless these pathways are links between sidewalks and pathways under City responsibility.

The Parks Department looks after recreational trails in subdivisions and Muskoseepi Park maintains the trails within the Bear Creek Park and Crystal Lake Pond areas

Residents are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to their own property.

See Bylaw 1166 for more information

Will snow get pushed onto sidewalks on residential snow plow days?

The normal procedure is not to cover sidewalks. Certain conditions may result in snow from the road covering or partially covering the sidewalks. Certain conditions may be one or all of the below:

  • When snow pushed to the sides of the road gets too high, or during residential snow plowing, some snow may spill over;
  • If roadways get too narrow and there is an assessed safety issue, at the discretion of a Supervisor, snow may get pushed and stored onto the sidewalk.

For more information, download the Snow Plowing Priorities Sidewalks & Trails map from our GIS Maps and Services page.