Conventional Service

We provide service 7 days a week.  

 Service Start*Service End**
Monday - Friday5:55 AM8:15 PM
Saturday8:22 AM7:15 PM
Sunday & Holidays8:46 AM6:15 PM
*Starting times vary slightly by route, please refer to the riders guide. 

**On-Demand Evening Service (Pilot Project)

On-Demand Evening Service provides transit services between existing bus stops by reservation Monday to Friday 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm and Saturday 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm. Service is limited to essential trips for work, medical services, groceries, and pharmacy. Reservation requests must be submitted before noon on the day of the planned trip. Requests will be reviewed and responded to with a pick-up time window and bus stop location. All Bookings require a name, phone number, address or nearest bus stop, and destination. A home address will be used only to help locate the nearest bus stop. To submit or cancel a reservation, please call 780-830-7433. Failure to cancel a reservation may result in removal from the program. 

Rider's Guide

For full route and schedule details, download the Rider's Guide below or pick one up wherever you purchase your SUPERPASS.

Download the Rider's Guide (PDF, 6 MB)

"Where's My Ride?" Bus Tracker

We have equipped all of our transit buses with real-time GPS technology so that you can easily find your ride at the click of a button. 

Track your bus in three easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Search your stop by entering the stop, address or route number
  3. Choose your desired stop and view time arrival predictions

Users should be aware that the 'Where's My Ride?' Bus Tracker is not a trip planner and will not be able to provide that information. If you are needing to plan out your route check out Google Transit.