The first priority with the Pursuit of Excellence Committee is coaching education and development so they are well prepared to coach and mentor our aspiring athletes.

The second priority will be to assist in the training and development of individual athletes. For some sports this may mean assistance in novice training. Other sports that already hold ongoing development programs will be given assistance for advanced or elite development.

Athletes can be awarded up to $1,000 per year for training and development, in the areas of:

  • Attending clinics and conference
  • High performance or specialized training
  • Travel and accommodations
  • Membership fees

Funding assistance to attend open sports camps or tryout camps is not available through this fund.

In order to be eligible for further funding, applicants must report how the funding was spent within 90 days of the event. Receipts must be included. If athletes have received this funding in the past, please provide an update on progress.


Applications must include one or more letters from a coach/mentor or Club Executive, as well as a letter from your provincial sport association verifying your membership.


  • Please complete and submit the Athlete Development Funding Application
  • *In order to submit your application form by email, you need to have Adobe Reader XI
  • Please use Internet Explorer to submit your application, or if using another web browser, save the PDF first, complete the form, then attach to an email (submit form button will not work unless you are using Internet Explorer)

Applications must be received prior to the event occurring. Applications received after an event will not be accepted.


Funding assistance to attend sports camps is not available from this fund; however, specialized or elite training camps may qualify.

Pursuit of Excellence encourages attendance at local clinics.

Reporting Requirements

In order to be eligible for further funding, applicants must complete a Statement of Accountability (25KB PDF) to report how the Pursuit of Excellence - Athlete Development Funding was spent within 90 (ninety) days of completion.

Past Recipients

There have been many recipients of this award. Here are just a few, some might be familiar:

  • Nicholas Bardak, Cross Country Skiing
  • Evan Senger, Fencing
  • Matthew Holmen, Fencing
  • Kevin Carey, Volleyball
  • Parker Jobin, Volleyball
  • Ryan Roznowsky, Swimming
  • Tyson Calder Beaupre, Golf
  • Adrien Schadeck, Track & Field
  • Dallas Dobos, Taekwondo
  • Dani Smith, Volleyball
  • Aqueena Schoorlemmer, Speed Skating
  • Ryan Sheehan - Gymnast
  • Lucas McMahon - Speed Skater
  • Andrew Poznikoff - Swimmer
  • Elizabeth Gustafson - Shooting