The Economic Recovery Program has been developed to support businesses in the creation of employment and recovery activities in the wake of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Phase One of the program includes the Beautification and Patio Grant and the Local Marketing Grant. 

On February 22, Grande Prairie City Council approved two new initiatives to support businesses. These include the Barrier-Free Grant to improve accessibility to buildings and properties around the city and a fee waiver for drinking establishments to apply to allow all-ages during the day, like restaurants.

Beautification & Patio Grant 

  • A grant matching 50% of Project Costs for up to a maximum $15,000 for any Façade improvement, landscaping or patio project that improves aesthetic appeal, pedestrian access and safety according to the Program Guidelines.
  • Click here for full application details for the Beautification & Patio Grant.

Local Marketing Grant 

  • A grant matching up to 50% of Project Costs, to a maximum of $2,500 for the creation of a marketing plan or marketing content.
  • A grant equal to 75% Project Costs, to a maximum of $7,500 for the creation of a collaborative marketing plan project promoting three or more businesses.
  • Click here for full application details for the Local Marketing Grant.

Grants are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis and applications will remain open until funding has been allocated.

Barrier Free Grant

  • A matching grant to 50% of Project Costs, to a maximum of $10,000 to increase accessibility to properties and buildings throughout the City.
  • Eligible projects include improvements to the interior or exterior of the building, such as transitions from parking areas to the building entrance and ensuring unobstructed access to services through projects such as service counters, seating areas, or accessible washrooms.

The program will open for applications in March and an announcement will be made with additional details and eligibility.

Restaurant Change of Use Fee Waiver 

On February 22, Council approved the addition of a Change of Use Fee Waiver to the Economic Recovery Program (Policy 318) for businesses applying to change from one to another of the following uses: Restaurant, Drinking Establishment Major or Minor, and Restaurant & Drinking Establishment Major or Minor.

The fee waiver is intended to reduce costs for businesses seeking to diversify their operations. The waiver may be applied retroactively as a reimbursement of the fee for applications received after October 5, 2020.

Please click here for the Change of Use Fee Waiver application.

For inquiries regarding this fee waiver, contact