The City of Grande Prairie is installing Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) at the Eastlink Centre. The units uses natural gas to generate energy onsite. It is anticipated the savings will be $358,000 a year on utility costs.

The CHP units will be placed outside the northeast corner of Eastlink Centre, where the walls of the Coca Cola Centre and Eastlink meet. The construction of this begins on January 4th, 2021.

How it Works

A CHP uses natural gases to produce electricity for the ELC. Exhaust heat produced during combustion is captured by a heat exchanger and increases the efficiency of the boiler used for heating the pool. 

What to Expect During Construction

  • More workers on site
  • Occasional heavy equipment accessing the site
  • Some initial noise when the CHP turbines start-up
  • Some of the parking stalls on Knowledge Way will be closed (the ring road behind ELC)
  • Changes to landscaping
  • Seven aspen trees will be removed and replaced with upgraded landscaping 
  • The area in front of the units will see a change in landscaping during the summer of 2021