Learn the art of turning your organic waste into fertilizer with the help of earthworms! This hands on learning resource will provide your students with tools to start their own vermicompost at home with a video to walk you along the process. You will be provided with the bin, soil, worms and all the knowledge you need to have an indoor compost system. 

Delivery Method: Pre-recorded video delivery with supplies to be picked up at the City Service Centre. Watch the vermicomposting video here
Cost: Free  
Recommended Age Group: Grade 3
How to book: Contact Jessica at



We have rounded up our most popular educational programs and transformed them into a rental-able, takeaway kit! Browse our Edu-Kits below to find the right fit for your students. Once you have completed the kit, it is returned to us to be sanitized and ready to rent to another class. Browse the kit selection below. 

Delivery Method: Pick the Edu-Kits up in person 
Cost: $10 deposit per kit
How to book: Create or login to your account and select an open date for the kit you are looking for below.
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