Spring Drainage Tips

Protect your home from spring melt! Consider the tips below to avoid damage to your property due to spring melt.

  • Test your sump pump to ensure it is working properly.
  • Re-attach your sump pump extension hose and ensure it is directed away from your and your neighbour's homes.
    • Note: Sump pump discharge should be directed towards public property, with the hose ending a minimum of two metres within the property line.
  • Clear any snow and ice buildup in eaves troughs and at downspout ends and re-attach extensions and rain barrels.
  • Remove snow from and directly around any decks.
  • Move excess snow away from foundations and window wells.
  • If applicable, ensure the concrete swale in your rear yard is clear of snow and ice buildup.

Call the City's Citizen Contact Centre at 780-538-0300 if you notice a catch basin that seems clogged with ice and is not draining.