What is Lot Grading?

Lot grading is the contour of the surface of your lot. The lot grading should generally direct water away from the foundation and towards public property.

On December 18, 2017, the Lot Grading Bylaw C-1240 was repealed and replaced with Bylaw C-1366 (PDF 376 KB), bringing in changes to allow for better management of both residential and commercial lot grading.

The City of Grande Prairie’s Lot Grading Bylaw C-1366 (PDF 376 KB) requires any new residential or commercial developments to obtain a Lot Grading Permit and design the lot elevations on their parcel in accordance to the approved drainage plan and Bylaws C-1366 and C-1241.

Any redevelopments or work being done on a parcel which may alter the established drainage is required to obtain either a Lot Grading Permit or a Lot Grading Letter of Review and must also abide by these Bylaws.


Lot Grading Bylaw C-1366 (PDF 376 KB)

Drainage Bylaw C-1241 (PDF 67KB)

Surface Drainage Problems (PDF 864KB)

Witness Statement Form (PDF 330KB)

Lot Grading Issues Brochure (PDF 1229KB)

10 Lot Grading Tips (PDF 1.90 MB)

Footing Elevation Certificate (PDF 278 KB)

Residential Lot Grading Permit Application (PDF 653 KB)

Commercial Lot Grading Permit Application (PDF 653 KB)


Residential Properties

Commercial Properties